Spread hummus, not hate!

It’s jumper season! I’m wrapped up and back at it with another recipe for you guys!!


PUMPKIN hummus.. is it Autumn/fall if you don’t put pumpkin in every meal? Don’t think so! Here’s the link to my video, and you can catch the recipe in full below..




Now here’s what you’ll need..

hummus ingredients           hummus recipe

…and before you say it. YES I used a butternut squash… no, it is not technically a pumpkin. I am aware.. now just chill out and make the hummus! 😉  just look at how gloriously orange and festive it is..



Halloween is just around the corner, and this is the perfect healthy and delicious snack to whip out at your next party, it’s definitely going to impress all your friends (or anybody else you’re trying to impress!)


Hope you’re loving the autumn weather and colours where you are! And if it’s not autumn for you… then make this hummus anyway, cause it’s great! 😉


Speak soon, Em x

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