If he ain’t vegan, let dat MAN-GO chutney

LOL. Favourite vegan joke ever…


It’s mango chutney time!!! This is me trying to cling on to summer, by making some sunshine in a jar!

This simple recipe is vegan/dairy free/gluten free/refined sugar free/oil free



How easy was that??? Now, here’s what you’ll need

chutney ingredients            chutney recipe

**YOUR YIELD WILL DEPEND ON THE SIZE OF YOUR MANGO. I used a regular sized mango and got just shy of 1 & 1/2 cups! ( 😉 )

mango pic.JPG

If you manage to not eat it all on crackers or papadums straight away, you should add this to curries… it adds a lovely sweetness!


This recipe is ridiculously easy and ridiculously tasty… it’s is a favourite in my house, if you come over – I guarantee there will be a jar in the fridge. (Not that it ever lasts too long!)


Hope you try it out and like it as much as I do…

Speak soon, Em x

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