Sexy Smokey Baked Beans

You could say these beans are a little naughty, a little bit more adulty than the baked beans you’re used to. They have a little kick and they’re bound to knock your socks off!

They’re smokey, sweet, sexy.. you might even say 😉

And you – yes you, you lucky duck.. you’ve got the recipe & recipe video right here so you can follow along…

I am 100% convinced that once you try these beans, you will never go back to the tin! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say once you try them!

And, as I mentioned at the start of the video, if you’re feeling in any way overwhelmed.. I encourage you again to reach out and speak to the people you can. And to be gentle with yourself.

Make yourself a nice pot of beans 😉 and slap them on a piece of toast.. and ignore the world for a few sweet minutes!

All my love, Em x

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