Vegan low FODMAP Caesar dressing

Trying out a low FODMAP diet? Vegan? I feel you.. this life ain’t easy.

But it does get a lottt easier with this yummy Caesar dressing! Even if you aren’t restricted in your eating habits, this is a delicious & super easy recipe to try out.

You can whip up a quick, nutritious, protein-packed & delicious Caesar salad, in less than 15 minutes (including the time it takes to make the dressing)! Complete with crunchy sourdough croutons & tempeh “chicken” style pieces.

This dressing is super versatile & can be used for many things, from creamy pasta salad to a dipping sauce for chips/fries. The options are almost endless, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to put it on everything!

Check out the recipe video here, and the instructions just below!

**use a GF sourdough if you have any issues with regular sourdough

That’s it guys, it’s really that simple.. I hope it spices up your low FODMAP days… or just your recipe repertoire if you’re not following a low FODMAP diet!

Love, Em x

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