Real Talk

The hardest part always seems to last forever.

This week marks a year since I’ve been home.. after the whirlwind of Australia and Asia. A time when I thought things would be that way forever… but things change. Since I’ve been home, a lot has happened in this last year. Some good, but a lot of not so good. It really makes you think, well at least it’s making me think. Making me think… what do I want? Where do I want to go? Who do I want to be? Life is such a funny thing, and you’re always expected by society and everyone else to have your life figured out. Especially at the age of 25… but the truth is, I don’t. And that’s okay.

One thing you’ll know if you follow me on instagram @fussyveggieguide is that yoga has been featuring a lot recently… this has made such an impact on me. It has been amazing for my physical, emotional and mental health.. and it will probably be featuring a lot in the future as I feel it’s so important for helping to ground me.

As a result of what life has thrown at me in the last year, my blog and I suppose my passion for cooking, writing, baking… and everything that makes me – me… it has kind of faded. I’m trying to re-navigate. So I guess I’m hoping that writing this marks me trying to be more me. I’m going to hold myself accountable, to do more of what makes me happy and what fuels my fire. I could spend a lot of time feeling sorry for myself, but I think I’ve done enough of that. And now is the time to DO.

The Fussy Veggie is making a come back!

(Just a wee throwback to my fav place in the world!)


Speak reallll soon, Em x

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