But where do you get your protein?!

…the most commonly asked & most commonly hated question. Welcome to the vegan life!



Sometimes it can be really tricky, when you have dietary restrictions to get your protein in.. for example; a nut allergy or a legume allergy. So, I’ve decided to throw out my tips for protein and the vegan diet, for one and for all 😉


Plain old vegan diet   (You have got SO many sources of protein available to you!) If you have no specific allergies/intolerances, obviously all of the sources listed throughout the whole post are suitable for you.

-Firstly, there is protein powder available for us weirdos.. just in case you didn’t already know! Pea protein AND rice protein are both vegan friendly.. I get my pea protein from Myprotein.com and it’s unflavoured, so you can easily add it to anything!

Sprouted legumes. For some magical reason, the nutritional profile increases when you soak and sprout legumes (and other nuts and seeds) including the amount of protein. Also, they’re easily digested by your body after the sprouting process.. It’s really a win-win!!

Beans and pulses, beans beans.. they’re good for the heart.. the more you eat the more you….. :p there’s a wee flash back to your tiny years, and there’s truth behind it too, who knew?! They’re really high in not only protein.. but, fibre, magnesium and iron (to name a few)! Did you know that a quarter of each little kidney bean, is protein?? Yeah, throw that one in meat-eater’s faces and see what they say!

Nuts about nuts! Almonds are your best source, with 7g of protein in a 30g serving… followed closely by cashews with 6g per serving. These are great just as a snack on their own, or they can be added to some oats, coconut oil and maple syrup.. and hey-presto! You’ve got granola!

Tepmeh, you’re so tempehting 😉 I’ve got a great little post to follow this one, with a GREAT way to use your tempeh. This stuff packs a punch, not only is it fermented (so it’s full of great probiotics!!!) but it also contains 13g of protein per cup. Just be careful, make sure you’re buying non-GMO tempeh!


What to do if legumes don’t like you! It can seem really daunting to even consider vegetarianism/veganism if you have a legume allergy, or a nut allergy but here are some of your options!

Spinach & kale! I’ve already written about spinach and all his amazingness in a previous blog post (Popeye’s fav). They’re both high in protein, and everyone knows by now.. you gotta eat your dark leafy greens. There are too many benefits to try and list here!

Hemp seeds (protein powder or whole seeds) Yep – you can get your hemp in, in more than one way.. Three tablespoons of hemp seeds, give you a whole 10grams of protein! As well as a whopping 14grams of healthy fats (omegas 3 & 6 mainly)!

Chia seeds.. These little seeds pack a whopping punch, for every 2 tablespoons – you get 5g of protein, 8g of fibre and 7g of healthy fats. They don’t call them ‘the super seed’ for nothing! Plus, you can add 1 tbsp of chia seeds to 3 tbsp of water, and this can be used as an egg replacer in so many recipes!!

Spirulina! This stuff is something else, like seriously.. other worldly! One tablespoon has FOUR grams of protein, and it also contains 80% of your iron need for the day. I told you, other worldly. Pop a tablespoon or 2 in a smoothie or a juice, you won’t regret it! Best of all, 1 teaspoon contains ALL (actually 150% of) your vitamin B12 requirement for the day.. All of us vegans know how important that one is!!!


Okay, I’ve given you loads of info there.. and there’s a heap more available online of course. Just take a search, do not be put off by people saying it’s not achievable or maintainable to be vegan with certain dietary restrictions. Of course, it will be harder for you without a doubt.. But there’s a massive community worldwide of other vegans/veggies who will happily support you. Peace and love and happiness coming your way right now!! (I’m a big hippie at heart)


I was taking a writing break and I just came across this photo in a veg facebook group.. It made me giggle! So, thought I should share it.. Sassy 😉 Have a great day guys!


Speak soon, Em x

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