WOW! Tassie you have captured my heart, what a special little (it’s bigger than where I’m from, how Australian of me to call Tas ‘little’!) island you are.

The first thing Gav and I did when we arrived in beautiful Hobart, was eat… surprise surprise! We went to a place called the Salamanca Wharf Cafe, based on good TripAdvisor reviews – and it did not disappoint! I had a little splurge and ordered the waffles, a reward for just having worked a really long week. Gav however had the quinoa and sweet potato burger, and I had total food envy! Thankfully he shared it with me, after a little persuasion and offering of said sweet waffles šŸ˜‰ . All of the components just worked so well together,it was absolutely amazing… and they have a heap of other veggie friendly items on their menu. Almost everything is healthy, they don’t even have a deep fryer in the kitchen! How often does that happen?! Never! Fussy, veggie, healthy, approved! TICK. Ā Here’s a pick of the yummy burger…. (and my yummy man too)




The next few days we did some more exploring and eating, of course. We had hired a car,so convenient eating had to happen…and I didn’t feel like being healthy. The trip was just kind of one big splurge if I’m being honest! So on the road, my snack of choice was an avocado and crisp sandwich… pass your judgements, go ahead. Then try it and come back to me, eating your words, and an avo and crisp sandwich!! Perfect car food.. avocado and salt & vinegar crisp sammich, washed down with an almond milk latte..drool.



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On recommendation from our Airbnb hosts, we stopped at Willie Smith’s Apple Shed. It’s a really cute bar/museum.. showcasing a heap of different ciders and beers, as well as coffee and teas and whatever else your heart desires. I checked with the lovely bar lady and all of their ciders are VEGAN. yay! We got the tasting paddle which showcases their lovely ciders from apple, to pear, to cherry. Definitely worth a trip for the cider enthusiast, or someone who likes a cool atmosphere for a pint with a friend, or in our case, a hitch-hiker we picked up!


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We obviously took a trip to Wineglass Bay, in Freycinet National Park. WOW. That place is worth the drive. We really enjoy looking pensively into the vastness of creation, apparently…


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset


Also, MONA. Ā You can’t do Hobart and not go to MONA…what a weird and wonderful place.

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The fanTAStic trip (so much opportunity for Tas related puns) was finished off with our last night, eatingĀ dinner in a bus. yep.


Preachers. What a cool little hipster spot you are, there’s no denying the hipsterness of this place. But who doesn’t like to indulge in a little hipster dining every once in a while? Especially when you get to eat inside an old bus, converted into a dining space.. after ordering your food in what looks like your Gran’s living room with a bar stuck in it. I had the veggie burger and Gav had the vegan burger, and they were both really yum! Clearly we must have a burger fetish. But this place is totally worth the trip..fun atmosphere and tasty veggie food!


And so concludes our Tassie trip, for now. I will definitely be back here for some more adventures! If you’re travelling Australia, do NOT listen to the bad things people say about Tasmania. Try it for yourself, I think you’ll find.. it’s Tasmaniamazing! (last pun..I mean, last one.)


Speak soon, Em x

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