Popeye’s fav

SPINACH! We all know spinach is ridiculously good for you,but do we actually like it if we’re being totally honest? Didn’t think so! And for those of you who actually love the taste of spinach…I don’t trust people like you 😉


As all of you veggies have experienced, people love to ask you where you get everything you need (vitamins,fibre,protein) because everyone knows you can’t possibly get everything you require from vegetables,right? WRONG. Spinach, that’s where you get it alllll from. Well,not really-but spinach has got pretty much everything in there from vitamin C to calcium, fibre and everything in between!

I always have a bag of spinach in my house…but it’s not always used, how do I avoid wastage I hear you ask? This is how….

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…yep,frozen spinach. Recently I’ve really started making a conscious effort to reduce my waste-and this is one way to do that. I find if I buy a bag of fresh spinach, I always seem to forget about it and end up throwing away half the bag. So if I can reduce waste and save a pretty penny at the same time – yes please! I can buy a 250g bag of frozen spinach for $1 when a 280g bag of fresh spinach will set me back $5 now that’s a pretty big difference!!


You’re probably wondering about quality now, and I’ve researched the difference between frozen and fresh…and honestly there really isn’t a vast difference in quality. Some people actually argue frozen is better for you than fresh. But that’s a whole ‘nother thing in itself! Let’s get back to using this leafy Goddess, and making her taste nice!!


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Spinach eggs! I make these every morning I’m not working, without fail! Whether on a wrap with salsa, or with guacamole and chilli sauce. I simply heat coconut oil, then add spinach and 2 eggs, give it a stir and wham bam thank you mam. DONE! I always have it with something like chilli sauce or salsa, it helps disguise the spinach even more 😉


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Next up, spinach and ricotta… in anything… in everything. I’m quite fond of this in case you hadn’t picked up on that already. This is my veggie lasagne, and I always make sure I add at least 2 layers of spinach-ricotta in there..amidst the other yummy (nutrient rich 😉 ) veggies in there, like pumpkin and roasted peppers! This is a stupidly easy way to disguise spinach. All you have to do is defrost some spinach and mix it with ricotta and some fresh cracked black pepper. No more time wasted on fussy béchamel sauces… this makes for a really yummy and nutritious creamy lasagne layer. The options are endless really. Every time I make an Indian or Thai curry, or any tomato based pasta sauce.. I make sure and add some spinach in at the end. I promise, you won’t taste it!


Hope you guys enjoyed reading this, I have been so hectic with work recently I haven’t had time to post anything. But I’m so happy I finally got to share this post, and my love/hate relationship with spinach. Hoping this encourages you to get some more spinach in your life 😀


Speak soon, Em

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